Keep Your Storage Unit Organized to Make Using it Easier

Many people choose to use Self Storage Units for both long and short-term storage solutions. No matter how long the storage unit is needed for, it’s important to make sure it’s organized well to ensure everything is safe while it’s in the unit and to ensure belongings can be found when they’re needed.

Choose an Appropriately-Sized Storage Unit

The first step of renting a unit is to make sure the right one is selected. Often, the personnel at the storage facility will be able to help the renter decide on the correct unit size. If they aren’t sure which one would be better, it’s usually a good idea to choose a little bit bigger unit. While they will have to pay a little more for the unit, they can be sure everything will fit properly in the unit and they’ll be able to organize everything inside of it.

Package Items in Boxes and Label Boxes Carefully

Anything that will be placed in the Self Storage Units in New Jersey must be packaged appropriately. Electronics should have any batteries removed before they’re packed in boxes. Anything that is delicate should be packed with packing materials designed to protect it and should be in a box that’s clearly labeled as delicate. All of the boxes should be labeled with the contents on at least two sides to make it easy to see what’s in them later on.

Leave a Walkway in the Storage Unit If Possible

Once all of the items are properly packaged, Self Storage Facilities in the New Jersey recommend packing around the edge of the unit first. Starting at the back, then going down the sides, boxes should be placed along the wall to leave a walkway down the middle of the unit.

Heavier and larger boxes should be at the bottom so other boxes can be stacked on top of them, and the top boxes should contain lighter and more delicate items. If possible, the walkway down the middle of the unit should be left free even once all of the boxes are in the unit to ensure the person can get to any box they might need in the future.

If you need extra space to store your belongings, whether it’s for a few months or a few years, make sure you choose the right size and organize your belongings so you can always find what you need when you need something. If you’re ready to rent a storage unit, check out the Storage Units in New Jersey now to find the right one for you.


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